iTax (India Localization)

Increase efficiency, minimize manual efforts, avoid errors and stay up-to-date with tax changes.

Many ERP Applications have generic business functionalities which may or may not suit the end customer requirements – this includes the tax calculations, which are highly localized to the region or countries the business operates.

In India, the tax computation is highly complex due to the varying tax structures & multiple level of taxation – various business scenarios like Manufacturing, Trading & Export businesses add to this complexity.

Apart from the tax computations – the Central / Local & Statutory authorities mandate the businesses to submit various reports & registers in a prescribed format on Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly & Annual basis.

Many ERP’s do not support the above requirements, hence, the functionalities & the reports need to be customized.

To overcome the above difficulties & to comply with the Central / Local & Statutory authorities requirements, ITTI has partnered with Udyog Software – The Excise Experts to integrate their well-known Excise application “iTAX” with ERP applications.

ITTI – Designs & Develops Interfaces between ERP’s that are then integrated with iTAX to generate the required Reports & Registers that meet the compliance requirements of the Central / Local & Statutory authorities requirement.

Integration architecture between ERP & iTAX (India Localization Module)

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