D365 F&O Benefits and Key takeaways

Planning to expand your business? Is your existing software capable of providing you all the necessary and real time information to make quick and correct decision?

While an ERP software can help all size of businesses, choosing a correct and steady ERP can help you grow. You need to evaluate the ERP based on your business needs before you decide to implement or upgrade any. Below are few parameters to evaluate your business for ERP implementation –

  • Growth Adaptable – Your ERP should be able to support your business needs in all the phases of your business growth. It should be able to face the challenges and provide necessary solutions and data as and when business need.
  • Flexible – You need to choose an ERP that is flexible to integrate with any third party systems which will help your organization to achieve its goal.
  • Cloud-Based – You should chose a Cloud-Based ERP which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.
  • Efficient – Chose an ERP that will provide a broader view of your business which includes Sales, Manufacturing, Human Resource and Customer Relation.

D365 F&O in managing business processes –

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation is a cloud based ERP which will help your business to take On-time, accurate and smarter decisions with minimal operational expenses. With D365 F&O your business process will be automated across verticals like Sales & Marketing, Service, Finance and Supply Chain. D365 F&O can be customized based on the customer need and will be addressing their operational reporting to provide business insights for the leaders to make optimized business decisions.

D365 F&O ERP Provides a comprehensive view of your business, connects the various operations and departments throughout your organisation.

Here are some examples of how D365 F&O ERP system streamlines and optimizes common areas of business.

  • Sales & Marketing –

D365 F&O helps your business to get an End-to-end view of your customer funnel starting from visualizing your customer requirement with data to simplifying workflows and mentoring their team. It also helps your business to identify the best leads available and being engaged with the customer throughout the sales journey with the help of AI driven insights.

  • Services –

D365 F&O helps your business to provide personalize and seamless service experience to customers across all channels including conversational AI, Self-service solutions and live chats. With all the available insights the efficiency of your employees increases which leads to quick resolutions to the concerns. D365 F&O optimizes the operational processes which leads to reduction of service cost and unlock new revenue streams.

  • Finance –

D365 F&O prepares your business to adapt faster to reduce disruptions. It maximises financial visibility which helps in taking timely decisions to accelerate growth and improve agility with real-time reporting, AI insights and embedded analytics. With all the teams working together in single application D365 F&O helps your business in deliver your project on time and on budget.

  • Supply chain –

D365 F&O makes your business and resilient. It helps in maximizing assert performance by improving overall equipment effectiveness and recedes downtime. Your business can easily adapt to the new business model with D365 F&O as it helps in creating agile and sustainable manufacturing process. For retail businesses it manages the outlet with Internet of things (IoT), predictive technology and mixed reality.

  • Human Resource –

D365 F&O transforms employee experiences by centralizing employee profiles, Empower employees with self-service tools, providing mangers with right tools and helping employees to grow with training and certification.

Looking for the Best Dynamics 365 F&O Implementation Partner

D365 F&O is a cloud based ERP which is a perfect solution for your business when you are planning to achieve the next level of success. It can be easily customized based on your requirements and your existing third party applications can be seamlessly integrated in to D365 F&O. ITTI is a Microsoft  Dynamics Gold partner with a team Microsoft dynamics processionals who are experts in Implementations, Roll-outs, Upgrades, Customization, User Training & Application Support (Functional & Technical). We have domain expertise that extends to Manufacturing, Trading, Construction and Retail verticals.

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