D365 Finance and Operations/AX

Robust ERP solution for multi-site, International Enterprises with comprehensive capabilities for Financial, Human Resources, and Operations Management.

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ITTI is a certified Microsoft Partner with major focus on D365 Finance and Operations/AX. With a presence across the globe, Our (AX or ITTI) Team has delivered complex Projects across India, Middle East, Europe and Far East.

Microsoft is committed to continually delivering powerful, agile, easy-to-use solutions that add value across your organization, today and tomorrow. The release of D365 Finance and Operations/AX is a delivery on this commitment. With more than 1,000 new features and enhancements across core enterprise resource planning (ERP) and industry capabilities, D365 Finance and Operations/AX will provide more business value at a faster rate, enable agility and insight into your organization and help drive faster adoption, broader usage, easier maintenance and upgrade through a continued emphasis on simplicity.

Couple this with a constant focus on pervasive interoperability—the natural interaction of ERP systems with Microsoft business productivity applications and IT infrastructure technology—and the release will help sharpen your competitive edge and empower your people to anticipate and embrace change.

ITTI – Offerings in D365 Finance and Operations/AX
ITTI with Enterprise Application deployment experience can support all aspects of design and implementation from Business Analysis to Configuration, Integration, testing & Server Administration on D365 Finance and Operations/AX

Product Evaluation

ERP Product Evaluation: ITTI Team helps the customers in identifying the appropriate ERP product to meet their requirements through Product Evaluation. This Service is based on proven methodology, which provides a cohesive framework for evaluating ERP software. The framework makes our evaluations consistent and comparable.

Implementation Services

Project Management: To help the customers in managing the complex implementation process of identifying appropriate documentation and management of various resources involved in the implementation. We ITTI offer Project Management Services for managing and selecting the implementation methodology.


Core Competences of Microsoft Dynamics AX Practice is

  • Experienced Resources in D365 Finance and Operations/AX
  • Trained & Certified consultants.
  • Back-end support from Centre of Excellence
  • Proven expertise in end-to-end implementation experience
  • Ability to ramp up and ramp down resources as per project needs
  • Addressing of new dimension products in the arena of SCM & CRM and their integration requirement to ERP

Skill Sets & Resource Pool

  • We have a balanced team of Functional and Technical consultants with Domain expertise and experience in implementing Enterprise Applications and they are well equipped to:
  • Study and map the requirements of the client to the application functionality (Functional)
  • Develop and configure the application to suit the client’s requirements (Functional and Technical)
  • Interface the application with the third party applications systems (Application integration)
  • Maintain Applications, post implementation (Technical and Functional)

Our value proposition:

  • Flexible and cost efficient D365 Finance and Operations/AX Implementation, high performance and scalable solution through best-of-breed technologies and robust architecture.
  • Quicker development through an established framework for implementation of Microsoft Solutions.
  • ITTI in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps in automating the enterprise and speed up transactions across the organization.

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Consultancy

ITTI team comprises of both technical and functional consultants with hands on experience with domain knowledge. Our team has in depth domain knowledge and proven project management skills that helps us architect, integrate and manage world-class solutions for our customers. Our solutions help customers increase operational efficiencies & decrease the risk of their businesses. We care your business & we help you to take your business to the next level of success.

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Development

We offer tailor made ERP solution Package right from IT consulting to customization to suit your business requirements. We have expertise in providing end-to-end and specialized services from implementation to integration of D365 Finance and Operations/AX with continuous support to run your business.
ITTI consultants are capable of complete configuration for out of the box as well as extended functionalities. With a better experience in multiple mission critical applications, ITTI is offering D365 Finance and Operations/AX services in the following areas:

  •  Server Installation
  •  Client Installation
  •  Application Administration
  •  Database Administration

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Integration

ITTI offers D365 Finance and Operations/AX integration services to allow the solution to continuous connectivity with other internal and external systems for a seamless user experience. We provide tailor made solutions to suit your business needs to the best understanding of the industry.
The projects have ranged from integrating AX with customer’s internal or third party application using AX AIF framework, web services or other customer preferred data exchange mechanism. Each customer has a unique need and we define their requirements in each project scenario to simplify and automate their process.

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Upgrade

ITTI provides Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade services with the least intrusion of your process. With standard upgrades, we has experience of cost effective upgradations of D365 Finance and Operations/AX installations which have wide ranged modifications. While the D365 Finance and Operations/AX application provides the tools to complete the upgrade, vigilant planning and ITTI practical experience ensures smooth & successful upgrade with minimal downtime of your system during the upgrade process.

ITTI has successfully upgraded AX implementations, including AX 3.0 and 4.0 to AX 2009 and from AX 2009 to 2012.

Our upgrade services:

  •  Data conversion
  •  Code upgrade
  •  Business process optimization
  •  Live and post live support

Our team ensures that they work very closely with your internal team & synchronize the process with the undisturbed productivity of your process. We value your time & we ensure that the upgrades would be cost effective.

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Reporting

Every business has a forecast to understand the future of the business. D365 Finance and Operations/AX reporting provides insight to key decision makers in an organization which helps them analyze factors & forecast  that impact their business which affect the bottom line. D365 Finance and Operations/AX reporting also makes your projections easy to present to management without much effort. This decreases the burden of management to increase the visibility of important information to key stakeholders taking business decisions.

ITTI has used its wealth of knowledge in D365 Finance and Operations/AX reporting services to help many AX users to execute reporting requirements in their organization and provide analytical tools that allow in-depth understanding of their business data.

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Support / Post-Implementation Services

ITTI offers post production support services to assist our clients. These services include:

  •  Application & Database Administration
  •  User Administration
  •  Application Integration
  •  Application Upgrade
  •  Data Conversions
  •  Report Development
  •  Application Audit
  •  Problem solving (Functional & Technical)
  •  24×7 Production Support
  •  Supporting users with technical problems
  •  Supporting users with usability issues

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Financial Management

  •  General Ledger and Chart of Accounts Setup
  •  Financial Dimension with Dimensional hierarchy
  •  Bank Management and Setup
  •  Bank Reconciliation
  •  Accounts Payables
  •  Vendor Check Runs and Electronic Payments
  •  Accounts Receivables
  •  Budgeting with Revisions and Approvals
  •  Journal Approvals and workflow

Procurement & Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX

  •  Vendor Management
  •  Purchasing
  •  Purchase Requisitions
  •  Vendor RFQ and Quotes
  •  Workflow for Purchase Approvals
  •  Automated Purchase Orders
  •  MRP and Master Planning
  •  Vendor Managed Inventory
  •  Automated Vendor notifications for Drop ship
  •  Automated 3 way matching of PO, Invoice and Goods Receipt Note/ Vendor Packing Slip
  • Vendor Statistics and Performance Management

Sales Orders & Customer Service

  •  Customer Management
  •  Credit Limits and Customer Profile Management
  •  Sales Order Management with notes for customer service
  •  Order Fulfilment
  •  Customer Rebate Management
  •  Sales Commissions Setup and automated calculation
  •  Multiple deliveries per order

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Inventory Management and Warehousing

  •  Item Master configuration with Attributes and SKUs
  •  Item Dimensions including Lot Number, Batch, Serial Number and Location control
  •  Bill of Materials (BOMs) & Formulas
  •  Bar-Coding Support in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  •  Min Max and Requirements Management
  •  UNSPSC and other commodity classifications
  •  Inventory Costing including LIFO, FIFO, Standard Costing, Weighted Average Costing and FEFO
  •  Bin, Location, Aisle and Pallet Management
  •  Directed Pick and Directed Put-away
  •  Yard Management & Cross-docking

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Production and Manufacturing

  •  Production
  •  Routes and Operations Configuration
  •  Work Centers and Route Planning
  •  Job Costing
  •  Production Planning
  •  Shop Floor Control

Expense Management

  •  Business Policies and Expense rules
  •  Workflow for multi-level expense approvals
  •  Employee web portal for expense entry
  •  Ability to attach and view expense receipts
  •  Integration with General Ledger and Accounts Payable

Dynamics AX HR Management and Payroll

  •  Balanced Scorecard
  •  Business Process Management
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Payroll

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Project Management and Project Accounting

  •  Project Budgeting
  •  Tracking of Project Costs such as Labor, Vendor Purchases
  •  Expense Tracking to Projects

D365 Finance and Operations/AX CRM and Sales and Marketing

  •  Marketing Automation
  •  Sales Management
  •  Sales Force Automation
  •  Telemarketing

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Reporting and Analytics

  •  SQL Server Reporting Services for D365 Finance and Operations/AX
  •  SQL Server Analysis Server and Data Cubes
  •  Management Reporter for D365 Finance and Operations/AX
  •  Dynamics AX Report Modification via IntelliMorph

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Development and Integration

  •  .NET Business Connector based Integration
  •  Dynamics AX AIF Integration
  •  Application Object Tree and IntelliMorph
  •  X++ Programming with MorphX IDE

D365 Finance and Operations/AX Industry – Vertical Capabilities

  •  Discrete Manufacturing
  •  Process Manufacturing
  •  Distribution
  •  Retail
  •  Professional Services
  •  Construction
  •  Food & Beverages
  •  IT – ITES

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