Get insights from your data in seconds without worrying about any On-premise infrastructure. ITTI will support in handling your structures and semi-structured data using Amazon Redshift across data lakes.

Amazon Redshift is a cloud data warehouse which is Trending among growing businesses for Data Management, business intelligence and reporting services. Amazon Redshift is a fully managed cloud data warehouse that can handle petabyte-scale data.

Amazon Redshift uses SQL to analyze all the structured and unstructured data present in the data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes.

Compared to traditional data warehouses, Redshift has no upfront costs as it is a “Pay-As-You-Go” model. No additional setup and maintenance cost required and is infinitely scalable using Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. Scaling up on-premise data warehouses will not be easy to handle the increased demand for storage and analytics, based on Business needs Redshift can be scaled on demand, by adding more nodes to a Redshift cluster, or by creating more Redshift clusters, to support more data or faster queries.

Our experience at ITTI extends to all aspects of Amazon Redshift deployment.  Our certified and experienced Redshift team can assist your organization in developing end-to-end data warehouse solutions that will help your business thrive.

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    Our team has tremendous track record in providing the following services to our valuable customers

    Below are the Services offered by ITTI to the Redshift customers:

    • End-to-end implementation and configuration of Redshift
    • Setting up Security measures as per customer needs
    • Setting up environments for Development, Staging and Production based on customer needs
    • Designing the Database Warehouse for the best performance and cost optimizing
    • Configuring Database for scheduled background tasks
    • Configuring alerts for any system failover
    • Regular Data base backups will be configured
    • Regular Data archiving for all historical records are scripted
    • ITTI will support to migrate from other In-premises servers to Cloud environment

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    I would like to thank team ITTI and also place on record my sincere appreciation of the way its been implemented and hoping the same standards and quality for phase 2 as well . It would be our pleasure to do business with ITTI in the future and looking forward

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    Congratulations to the team! You all did an excellent job! Keep up the good work.

    DCX Cables and Assemblies Pvt Ltd

    The project is really successful and I am extremely pleased that we got a first class package which fit our requirements. I congratulate ITTI for a job well done, your patience, understanding and the willingness to work closely with us to get a tool, we needed

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